To learn how to install and run Flipt, see the Installation documentation.

Once you have the Flipt server up and running within your infrastructure or local development environment, the next step is to integrate the Flipt client(s) with your applications.

You have two options to communicate with the Flipt server:


We’ve also developed several clients in various languages for easier integration.


Flipt also comes equipped with a fully functional REST API. The Flipt UI is completely backed by this same API. This means that anything that can be done in the Flipt UI can also be done via the REST API.

The Flipt REST API can also be used with any language that can make HTTP requests. This means that you don’t need to use one of the above GRPC clients to integrate your application with Flipt.

The latest version of the REST API is fully documented using the OpenAPI v3 specification as well as the above API Reference.

See all official REST clients as well as how to generate your own in the the REST SDK section.


Since Flipt is a GRPC enabled application, you can connect to it using the GRPC protocol. This means that you can use any language that has a GRPC client implementation to integrate with Flipt.

An example Go application is available, showing how you would integrate with Flipt using the Go GRPC client.

See all official GRPC clients as well as how to generate your own in the the GRPC SDK section.