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Open Source Feature Management

Enterprise-ready. Manage features, experiments, and rollouts across multiple teams and environments.

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Deploy With Confidence

Move Beyond Environment Variables

Follow modern DevOps best practices such as trunk-based development, continuous delivery, and software kill switches all without needing to restart your applications.


Works with your existing stack

Leverage the infrastructure that you already know and depend on. We integrate with some of the most popular open-source technologies around.

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We built it so you don't have to

Flipt is designed to be simple, secure and performant and runs alongside your existing services.

GitOps Support

Store your feature flags in Git and use your existing CI/CD pipeline to deploy changes.

Context Targeting

Create advanced distribution rules to target specific entities based on custom properties that you define. No user model required.

Runs Anywhere

Deploy Flipt within your existing infrastructure or VPC. It runs great on Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure and more.


HTTPS. OpenID Connect and Static Token Authentication support. No PII leaves your environment and you don't have to open your systems to the outside world.


Optimized for performance. Since Flipt is co-located with your existing services, there's no excessive latency to slow down your applications.

Easy Integration

OpenFeature ready. Intuitive REST API . Native client SDKs available in Go, Ruby, Java, Python and many more.

GitOps for Feature Releases

Integrate Flipt with your existing GitOps workflow to manage feature flags as code.

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Trusted by the world’s most innovative teams


Flipt has allowed Rokt to dynamically turn on features, enable bulkheads for failure recovery, test experiments in production, and maintain low latency and high availability throughout the course of operations.

Dan Piet - Director of Engineering, Rokt


Let's Connect

Use our official clients to connect your applications to Flipt.


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