Feature Flags Meet GitOps

Supercharge Your Development Workflow: Seamlessly Integrate Feature Flags into your CI/CD Pipelines

Flipt Leveraging GitOps

Git as Source of Truth

It's time to get declarative with your flag configuration.

Store your feature configuration in a Git repository of your choosing and recreate production locally with a simple git checkout.

Validate Your Configuration Locally

Use flipt validate to ensure your configuration is valid before deploying.

Automate Validation in CI

Our prebuilt GitHub Action validates your configuration directly in CI.

Identify Feature Flags in Code

Use our new ffs CLI tool to ensure you never miss a flag again.

ffs finds calls to the Flipt SDK in your codebase and extracts key flag identifiers. It then can cross-reference those identifiers to ensure they exist in your configuration.

Eliminate “Flag Not Found”

Our GitHub Action also invokes ffs during CI to ensure you never commit a dangling flag reference.

Flag not found in configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why would I want to store my feature flags in Git and leverage GitOps?
We believe that feature flags play a critical role in your application architecture and they should be treated just like your source code and infrastructure as code. You should be able to version them, review them, and deploy them with confidence.

GitOps is a great way to accomplish this as it allows you to leverage your existing CI/CD pipelines to make changes to your entire application state, now including your feature flags.
Does this mean that I won't need to setup and maintain a database to run Flipt?
That's exactly what it means!

While Flipt has supported multiple database backends for a while, we are always looking for ways to make it easier to get up and running. By leveraging GitOps, you can get started with Flipt without having to setup and configure a database as Git becomes the source of truth.
Will I have to change my workflow if I already use Flipt?
Nope, not at all! You can continue to use Flipt as you do today. All changes will be backward compatible with existing versions of Flipt. We're just adding another way to use Flipt that we think will be useful for many of our users.
This looks great! When can I start using it?
Thanks! We're working hard to get this ready for you. We'll be releasing it in the coming months. If you'd like to be notified when it's ready, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Also, we'd love you to join our Discord server to chat with us about how you'd like to use Flipt with GitOps. We want to build the best possible solution for you!

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