1. Overview

Configuration File

The default way that Flipt is configured is with the use of a configuration file default.yml.

This file is read when Flipt starts up and configures several important properties for the server.

We have both a JSON schema and a Cue schema that you can use to validate your configuration file and it’s properties.

You can edit any of these properties to your liking, and on restart Flipt will pick up the new changes.

These defaults are commented out in default.yml to give you an idea of what they are. To change them you’ll first need to uncomment them.

These properties are as follows:


log.levelLevel at which messages are logged (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic)info
log.grpc_levelLevel at which gRPC messages are logged (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic)errorv1.12.0
log.fileFile to log to instead of STDOUTv0.10.0
log.encodingEncoding to use for logging (json, console)consolev1.12.0
ui.enabledEnable UI and API docstrue
cors.enabledEnable CORS supportfalsev0.7.0
cors.allowed_originsSets Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on server”*” (all domains)v0.7.0
tracing.jaeger.enabledEnable tracing support with Jaegerfalsev0.17.0
tracing.jaeger.hostThe UDP host destination to report spanslocalhostv0.17.0
tracing.jaeger.portThe UDP port destination to report spans6831v0.17.0
meta.check_for_updatesEnable check for newer versions of Flipt on startuptruev0.17.0
meta.telemetry_enabledEnable anonymous telemetry data (see Telemetry)truev1.8.0
meta.state_directoryDirectory on the host to store local state$HOME/.config/fliptv1.8.0


server.protocolhttp or httpshttpv0.8.0
server.hostThe host address on which to serve the Flipt application0.0.0.0
server.http_portThe HTTP port on which to serve the Flipt REST API and UI8080
server.https_portThe HTTPS port on which to serve the Flipt REST API and UI443v0.8.0
server.grpc_portThe port on which to serve the Flipt GRPC server9000
server.cert_filePath to the certificate file (if protocol is set to https)v0.8.0
server.cert_keyPath to the certificate key file (if protocol is set to https)v0.8.0


db.urlURL to access Flipt databasefile:/var/opt/flipt/flipt.db
db.protocolProtocol (Sqlite, MySQL, Postgres, CockroachDB) for Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.hostHost to access Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.portPort to access Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.nameName of Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.userUser to access Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.passwordPassword to access Flipt database (URL takes precedence)v0.18.0
db.max_idle_connThe maximum number of connections in the idle connection pool2v0.17.0
db.max_open_connThe maximum number of open connections to the databaseunlimitedv0.17.0
db.conn_max_lifetimeSets the maximum amount of time in which a connection can be reusedunlimitedv0.17.0


authentication.requiredEnable or disable authentication validation on requestsfalsev1.15.0
authentication.session.domainPublic domain on which Flipt instance is hostedv1.17.0
authentication.session.secureConfigures the Secure property on created session cookiesfalsev1.17.0
authentication.session.token_lifetimeConfigures the lifetime of the session token (login duration)24hv1.17.0
authentication.session.state_lifetimeConfigures the lifetime of state parameters during OAuth flow10mv1.17.0
authentication.session.csrf.keySecret credential used to sign CSRF prevention tokensv1.17.0

Authentication Methods: Token

authentication.methods.token.enabledEnable static token creationfalsev1.15.0
authentication.methods.token.cleanup.intervalInterval between deletion of expired tokens1hv1.16.0
authentication.methods.token.cleanup.grace_periodHow long an expired token can exist until considered deletable30mv1.16.0

Authentication Methods: OIDC

authentication.methods.oidc.enabledEnable OIDC authenticationfalsev1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.cleanup.intervalInterval between deletion of expired tokens1hv1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.cleanup.grace_periodHow long an expired token can exist until considered deletable30mv1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.providers.[provider].issuer_urlProvider specific OIDC issuer URL (see your providers docs)v1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.providers.[provider].client_idProvider specific OIDC client ID (see your providers docs)v1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.providers.[provider].client_tokenProvider specific OIDC client token (see your providers docs)v1.17.0
authentication.methods.oidc.providers.[provider].redirect_addressPublic URL on which this Flipt instance is reachablev1.17.0


cache.enabledEnable caching of datafalsev1.10.0
cache.ttlTime to live for cached data60sv1.10.0
cache.backendThe backend to use for caching (options: memory, redis)memoryv1.10.0

Memory Cache

cache.memory.eviction_intervalInterval at which expired items are evicted from the in-memory cache5mv0.12.0

Redis Cache

cache.redis.hostHost to access the Redis databaselocalhostv1.10.0
cache.redis.portPort to access the Redis database6379v1.10.0
cache.redis.dbRedis database to use0v1.10.0
cache.redis.passwordPassword to access the Redis databasev1.10.0


From time to time configuration options will need to be deprecated and eventually removed. Deprecated configuration options will be removed after ~6 months from the time they were deprecated.

All deprecated configuration options will be removed from the documentation, however, they will still work as expected until they are removed. A warning will be logged in the Flipt logs when a deprecated configuration option is used.

All deprecated options are listed in the DEPRECATIONS file in the Flipt repository as well as the CHANGELOG.

Environment Variables

All options in the configuration file can be overridden using environment variables using the syntax:


Using environment variables to override defaults is especially helpful when running with Docker as described in the Installation documentation.

Everything should be uppercase, . should be replaced by _. For example, given these configuration settings:

  grpc_port: 9000

  url: file:/var/opt/flipt/flipt.db

You can override them using:

export FLIPT_SERVER_GRPC_PORT=9001 export